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Understanding the Importance of Digital Privacy

Kristina Podnar, consultant and author of The Power of Digital Policy, joins today's podcast to discuss the importance of digital privacy and why you need a digital policy steward at your company.

Marketing Innovative Health & Wellness Products

How do you ensure your company and products stand out in a crowded market? Our guest today, Eric Le, joins us to share his ideas and experiences marketing products in the health & wellness space.

Data Science Versus Decision Science

Michael Mina, business analytics and data science professional, joins the podcast to discuss what decision science is and isn't along with how analytics improve customer experience in the financial sector.

Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Whether you think it’s a good thing or not, artificial intelligence is being used by marketers - through our technology, through our phones, through our televisions, through our cars - every day. William Ammerman, author of “The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning” joins Michael to discuss both the benefits and risks in AI .

The Future of Recruitment

Summer Crenshaw, COO, CMO, and Co-Founder of tilr, joins today’s episode to discuss the changing landscape of recruiting and the use of algorithmic hiring processes to drive how companies and job seekers connect.

Using LinkedIn Ads the Right Way

How do you win with LinkedIn advertising? AJ Wilcox, founder of B2Linked, joins the podcast to share his LinkedIn ads knowledge and provide tips for deciding if it's the right channel for your advertising budget.

How to Get Free PR: An Interview with Cameron Herold

Listen in as Cameron Herold, founder of COO Alliance and best-selling author, shares his passion for free PR and how organizations can take control of their message by creating an in-house PR team.

Reducing Waste & Driving Innovation: An Interview with David Kaul, Google

It's a conundrum. Do you focus on innovation or do you focus on scalability and reduction of waste? David Kaul, Director of Measurement and Analytics at Google, joins the podcast for a wide-ranging discussion about the relationship between digital waste and innovation.

Understanding Why Digital Transformations Fail

Why do digital transformations fail? Tony Saldanha, author of "Why Digital Transformations Fail", joins the podcast to discuss some reasons for failure and provide insights into how companies can successfully tackle digital transformation.

Using Analytics to Understand Retail Customer Behavior

Do customers differentiate between online and in-store shopping? Listen in as David Cost, Vice President of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing at Rainbow Apparel, shares his thoughts on omnichannel marketing and why it's more important to eliminate differences between online and in-store shopping experiences, adapting to changes in retail, and keys to success.

Cultivating Customer Community with 1:1 Relationships

Listen in as Ahmed Zedan, co-founder of Haute Hijab, and Michael discuss everything from startups and lean startup methodologies to the importance of cultivating customer community and relationships with social media.

Liberating Data with Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are on the rise for a number of reasons. Cory Munchbach, SVP, Strategy at BlueConic, joins Michael to share her insights on how a CDP can empower a marketing organization's work by liberating data.

Managing Customer Expectations in a Digital & Regulated World

Managing customer expectations in the ever-changing digital world is not easy...and it's even more difficult in a regulated environment like banking. Shannon Paul, Branded Content & Social Media Director at Fifth Third Bank, joins the podcast to talk about everything from 'signs of life metrics' to managing expectations in social media versus traditional channels.

Analysis or Reporting: Focus on What Matters

Centralizing and reporting on marketing data can be a manual and repetitive task that may not leave much time for analysis. Anna Shutko, Supermetrics product marketing manager, joins Michael and Neil to discuss how automated reporting enables marketers to analyze all of their metrics in one place.

Direct-to-Consumer: Measuring Metrics That Matter

If you're in the direct-to-consumer space, how do you know which key metrics and analytics really matter? As with most things, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Listen in as Colin Darretta, CEO and Founder of WellPath, joins Michael and Neil to discuss his perspective and insights into digital marketing.

Winning Search Marketing with SEO Testing

Can SEO testing make the difference in your search marketing efforts? Will Critchlow, Founder & CEO of online marketing agency Distilled, joins Michael and Neil to share his thoughts on winning organically in 2019.

Preparing for a Career in Analytics

Join Neil, Michael, and Jeff Camm, Associate Dean of Business Analytics at the Wake Forest University School of Business, as they talk about getting students prepared for a job in analytics. They discuss how the technical side of analytics must work in synergy with the storytelling side of analtyics and the importance of soft skills in today's careers.

Is Omnichannel Marketing the New Normal?

Many of today's consumers are using a combination of online and offline shopping, making it even more important for companies to diligently define what an optimal customer journey might look like. Sean Lee, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Pure Romance, joins Michael and Neil to discuss his perspective and insights into omnichannel marketing.

Overcoming a Transformation Standstill

What happens when an organization, which is on the path to business transformation, comes to a standstill when they realize how disruptive the transformation might be? Innosight Partner, Ned Calder, joins Michael and Neil as they discuss why this happens along with the importance of top-down leadership and long-term vision to drive successful business and digital transformations.

Differentiating a Brand with Creative Storytelling

Ben Petersen, BladeHQ marketing manager, shares how the online retailer differentiates itself from competing online retailers and how he approaches creative storytelling for the brand. Ben also talks about the importance of evolving and always being willing to try new digital marketing approaches.

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