Analysis or Reporting: Focus on What Matters

Centralizing and reporting on marketing data can be a manual and repetitive task that may not leave much time for analysis. Anna Shutko, Supermetrics product marketing manager, joins Michael and Neil to discuss how automated reporting enables marketers to analyze all of their metrics in one place.

Anna Shutko, Product Marketing Manager at Supermetrics, is today's guest. We begin by hearing more about Supermetrics’ features and how it enables marketers to spend their time focusing on what matters - analysis. Michael asks Anna if she thinks people are equipped at analyzing data, leading her to talk about the difficulty in doing so and how tools can help.

Anna also shares more specifics about her role and Supermetrics and how A/B testing is an essential component in her marketing toolkit. She also discusses what performance metrics she focuses on and the importance of having a North Star metric.

After customer lifetime value comes up several times, Anna is asked for her thoughts on this and how companies can measure this value from their own customers. Neil then goes deep into customer lifetime value and predicts what will happen with customers in the future.
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