Direct-to-Consumer: Measuring Metrics That Matter

If you're in the direct-to-consumer space, how do you know which key metrics and analytics really matter? As with most things, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Listen in as Colin Darretta, CEO and Founder of WellPath, joins Michael and Neil to discuss his perspective and insights into digital marketing.

Large company executives always seem to bring up direct-to-consumer marketing to Michael and Neil. While Michael was researching which organizations are playing in the space, he came across WellPath, an ecommerce business in the wellness and technology space. Michael decided to invite Colin Darretta, CEO and Founder of WellPath as well as the co-founder of DojoMojo, a SaaS MarTech platform developed to enable businesses execute Partnership Marketing strategies at scale. to today's conversation.

Having always been interested in self-optimization, Colin provides a background of how he started WellPath to fulfill this passion. He learned some tough entrepreneurial lessons in its early days and explains how he overcame them thanks to some other investments he had made.

Colin has found that email marketing is very effective for WellPath because it allows for ongoing conversation and is one of the last places where you truly own your audience. Though he insists that channels like search engines and social media are very important in building a successful business, he believes email marketing is a great precursor. Colin talks about the downfalls of social media and what he has discovered from email engagement with customers.

WellPath aims to launch a new product roughly every eight weeks, a process which relies heavily on the first-party data they collect. Colin is asked for the metrics which he looks at every day and then reveals what exactly they are, including one that he believes often gets overlooked. After, Colin discusses specific problems that he sees with the consumer behavior of WellPath’s customers.

With so many players in the supplement space, Michael asks Colin about what WellPath does to differentiate itself. We learn about what Colin’s biggest marketing mistake was and his advice for how to avoid making the same one.
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