How to Get Free PR: An Interview with Cameron Herold

Listen in as Cameron Herold, founder of COO Alliance and best-selling author, shares his passion for free PR and how organizations can take control of their message by creating an in-house PR team.

Named by Forbes Magazine as the “COO whisperer,” Cameron is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. This episode features a focus on his latest book, Free PR.
The new book is quite different from Cameron’s previous works, so he tells us why he decided to write about public relations this time. Methods of how publications gather stories to write about have changed over the years, and Cameron explains why this was an important consideration in Free PR.
Cameron initially shows up to his relationships asking for help. We learn about how this builds trust while he shares a story about the relationship Cameron has with a friend of his. He then speaks to the importance of thinking about the unique abilities of your people.
There are five core story angles that a small-to-medium-sized business can utilize when it comes to public relations. Cameron discusses them through a real-life example before revealing some of his favorite PR tools.
After providing lots of valuable information about generating public relations, Cameron is asked to talk about a failure and the lessons he learned from it. He discusses a time when he was embarrassed during a campaign for 1-800-GOT-JUNK that he was involved in. Cameron then describes the hard work that goes into becoming an “overnight success story” and why persistence is needed.
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