Is Omnichannel Marketing the New Normal?

Many of today's consumers are using a combination of online and offline shopping, making it even more important for companies to diligently define what an optimal customer journey might look like. Sean Lee, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Pure Romance, joins Michael and Neil to discuss his perspective and insights into omnichannel marketing.

Today’s topic is omnichannel and direct-to-consumer marketing, areas that Michael has been hearing a lot about lately. He introduces the subject by sharing some statistics he learned from a recent leadership summit. Michael and Neil welcome Sean Lee, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Pure Romance, to bring his expertise in the space to the discussion.

Michael asks Neil about his thoughts on omnichannel marketing. Neil brings up the different visions between newer and older companies in implementing this type of channel before sharing his comments on the impact that younger digital marketers will have on established businesses.

Sean joins the conversation and says that omnichannel isn’t just a trend but that it’s here to stay. We then learn about the customer journey at Pure Romance, with Sean placing a heavy emphasis on communicating one-on-one with their customers. After, Neil gives advice on what a new company should do in their first few weeks online to test out a market. Sean shares a story from when he was involved in launching a brand.

Formerly part of P&G’s marketing team, Sean was there during the revival of Old Spice. He describes the risks that were taken when launching such an unconventional campaign. A discussion then begins around the questions that get asked in consumer surveys and how they should be constructed.

The customer lifetime value considerations at Pure Romance are crucial, leading Sean to tell us about the importance of having relevant, customized user data. We learn about the data aggregation he facilitated when he began working there and how it was utilized. Sean promotes running small tests to get the answer you’re looking for before scaling into bigger investments.

About Sean Lee
Sean is a classically trained marketing executive, with leadership experience in brand building innovation, digital marketing, e-commerce, and general management. Sean has an entrepreneurial mindset with experience working across diverse sectors and business environments (beauty, pet care, male grooming, insect control, direct sales, start-up brands, and a Fortune 100 company). Sean built out the Pure Romance Digital Marketing and eCommerce business unit from a strategic whitespace area to a high performing team leading a digital marketing transformation. Sean lives the “Lean Innovation” approach and is disciplined about testing hypotheses with clear measurements to either “pass, pivot, or persevere.”
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