Liberating Data with Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are on the rise for a number of reasons. Cory Munchbach, SVP, Strategy at BlueConic, joins Michael to share her insights on how a CDP can empower a marketing organization's work by liberating data.

Today we welcome Cory Munchbach, SVP, Strategy at BlueConic. Cory's fascination with marketing technology and trends began with her time at Forrester and continues in her current role.

One way to look at marketing trends is with the potential impact of technology. There is an accelerated nature of the adoption of new kinds of tech; it keeps getting faster and faster with each introduction. For example, Cory points to QR codes. They were a big fad that businesses liked using, but consumers were not so into it. It is essential to understand the views of all stakeholders. 

Next, she discusses the trend behind CDPs. While there has been a lot of hype and conversation around this category, Cory enumerates how a CDP liberates data and enables marketers to make informed decisions on things such as product innovation or marketing engagement.

After touching on privacy, including GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act, Cory explains the most effective ways to market an organization. She is a big believer in thought leadership, which means giving prospective buyers information that will help shape their thinking on a particular topic. It is challenging for two reasons. One, there is no instant gratification, it takes time to build up a voice and a body of work. Two, you have to work extremely hard to overcome the temptation to parrot your marketing proposition in your content. The product exists to solve a problem, the product exists in a broader context, and thought leadership should reflect that fact. That's not an easy thing.
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