Preparing for a Career in Analytics

Join Neil, Michael, and Jeff Camm, Associate Dean of Business Analytics at the Wake Forest University School of Business, as they talk about getting students prepared for a job in analytics. They discuss how the technical side of analytics must work in synergy with the storytelling side of analtyics and the importance of soft skills in today's careers.

Michael and Neil have been talking with each other recently about how they often get approached by students seeking advice on getting a job in analytics. Because of this, the guys want to talk about how students can better prepare themselves for a job in this space. To help them out, Jeff Camm has been invited to share his insights.

Jeff is the Associate Dean of Business Analytics, the Inmar Presidential Chair in Business Analytics, and the Executive Director of the Center for Analytics at Wake Forest University. The first topic he speaks about is how students need their technical and storytelling sides of analytics to work in synergy.

All students that enter Jeff’s faculty get interviewed, so he shares what criteria his team looks for during this process. He encourages enthusiasm, passion, and confidence. Building on this, Neil brings up some behaviors he has seen from students in interviews that he has conducted and Jeff comments on what skillets will be needed in the future.

Jeff discusses what he sees the market looking for from applicants, during which he mentions that he hasn’t seen a bias towards analytics but rather leadership and communication skills. This leads into his observations on the types of people he believes are currently in managerial roles and making the hiring decisions. We then hear about new positions that some firms have created.

The three proceed to talk about job titles that people give themselves in the analytics field that discredit the industry as a whole. After, Michael asks Jeff how employers can build a great experience for new graduates to learn and deliver results.
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