Reducing Waste & Driving Innovation: An Interview with David Kaul, Google

It's a conundrum. Do you focus on innovation or do you focus on scalability and reduction of waste? David Kaul, Director of Measurement and Analytics at Google, joins the podcast for a wide-ranging discussion about the relationship between digital waste and innovation.

David has helped companies such as Allstate, Airbnb, and Johnson & Johnson transform their marketing efforts into profit centers through meaningful and measurable business outcomes supported by analytics.

He begins by telling us what an average day at Google looks like. David focuses the majority of his energy on reducing whatever internal waste he possibly can in his own organization so he can spend that extra time with customers. We than hear about the several different industries David works across and the people he manages.

After David mentions waste multiple times, Michael asks for an explanation of how to manage waste in the digital space. David describes different ways it can manifest and how it can be reduced before talking about how measuring KPIs has changed over the past decade.
David is a big fan of experimentation and testing. There are many ways to segment a test marketing campaign, but David shares some advice that is relevant to all of them. He believes that unwillingness to take risks restricts innovation within companies.
The soft skills of doing business in overseas countries is an aspect that David often sees lacking in people. He reveals the four factors that are used when building trust with someone, which have varying importance in different countries. At the end of the episode, David shares tips for beginners in the data science space.
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