Using LinkedIn Ads the Right Way

How do you win with LinkedIn advertising? AJ Wilcox, founder of B2Linked, joins the podcast to share his LinkedIn ads knowledge and provide tips for deciding if it's the right channel for your advertising budget.

Today we are joined by AJ Wilcox, LinkedIn ads expert. He has scaled and managed some of the world’s most sophisticated LinkedIn accounts. In 2014 AJ founded B2Linked, which specializes in LinkedIn ads training, consulting, and account management. He recently became a certified LinkedIn ads partner and is able to educate us about what works and what doesn’t when advertising on the site.

Not initially attracted to LinkedIn, AJ tells us that he first started out as an SEO specialist. His interest in Google AdWords landed him a job as the Marketing Manager at a mid-sized software company. AJ shares the story of how this job introduced him to LinkedIn ads and the immediate success he enjoyed before we hear about what makes LinkedIn advertising unique.

Browsers have been waging war against cookies, which is causing the retargeting efforts of many advertisers to be defeated. Google and Facebook have taken steps to retarget through other means, and AJ reveals that LinkedIn is following suit. He then discusses another feature that LinkedIn is working on.

AJ often sees new advertisers who deal with search and social media think they can use the same advertising methods on LinkedIn. He says that most businesses that immediately send something to the bottom of the funnel fail and then gives advice on how to avoid this.

With so much knowledge sharing happening in marketing, AJ makes recommendations on the best places to learn. He also mentions that he has written a book about LinkedIn ads to be released soon and will also launch a podcast covering the topic.

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